help us out, dudes.

fellow students, please respect vegetarians.
sometimes there’s a spatula thing specifically set on the cheese pizza board, SO DON’T USE IT TO CUT YOUR MEAT PIZZA. that’s rude.
Also, when the nachos are set up beside the veggie burgers, serve your dang nachos over the meat. Don’t scoop the meat over the veggie burgers, because they end up drizzled in meat crumble and inedible to all of us, which is super annoying once you’ve already swiped in and your options are already limited.

as a second general thing: would love to see vegetarian “bacon” or “sausage” options in the morning; my sister goes to william and mary and they provide this option for her, so it must be available in bulk. opportunities to get protein alongside eggs would be cool. would also love to see a pasta in the back of newcomb that doesn’t have meat in it, because that stuff looks good as heck but always has ham or pepperoni in it. :~(

also, soy milk.

this has been a post by a vegetarian who has had way too many veggie burgers.

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