Reserving Study Rooms in Claude Moore Library

Reserving a study room in Claude Moore Library is a huge hassle. I have to call the library and someone has to search for the study rooms available and then put in a ridiculous amount of information about me to just reserve one room. I reserve a study room for my group a few times a week and it can take about 10 minutes to input each study room reservation.

Almost every other major university and local library uses a “Study Room Reservation System.” I think the adoption of an online system would erase the hassle of reserving a room and allow for better utilization of the rooms.

3 responses to “Reserving Study Rooms in Claude Moore Library”

  1. Eddie Lin says:

    I sent this concern to the library email!

  2. Eddie Lin says:

    Here’s the link to a Study room reservation system for UVA Libraries which they told doesn’t include Claude Moore Library because it’s separate.

    They gave me the contact info of Claude Moore so I will update you on that.

  3. Eddie Lin says:

    Received an email back, Claude Moore Library is testing out a system for study room reservations for after hours. The 13 study rooms are reserved through the School of Medicine Resource Enabler. The staff thanked you for bringing up this concern and if you need anymore questions, they can be reached at

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