STD Testing Resources on Grounds?

Anywhere where students can get STD testing done for free around or very near grounds?

4 responses to “STD Testing Resources on Grounds?”

  1. Eddie Lin says:

    Yes! The Elson Student Health Testing does testing for STD’s!

  2. Eddie Lin says:

    Ok so quick update, I believe Elson may not give STD testing that I thought. But, the Teen and Young Adult Health Center does do it!

    Here’s the address:
    Battle Building
    1204 W. Main St.
    Charlottesville, VA 22903

  3. Tiffany Peel says: has listings of a bunch of free clinics in Virginia, including Charlottesville. According to the site it seems certain Walgreens also do free HIV testing.

  4. Matt says:


    I was looking for a few resources on STD Testing and I came across your website.

    I noticed that your have resources page that people might use for more researches.

    Actually, I just launched a website that talks about Fast, Private & Affordable STD Testing. All I’d ask is that you’d consider including it on your resources page or mentioning it on your blog. –

    Let me know how that sounds.


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